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Development updates in our neighbourhood

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

At the RRA Annual General Meeting on March 3, 2021 the following updates were presented on current and proposed developments in out neighbourhood. Each location has a link to the developer's website.

  • Original plan had a large church fronting Broadway with no set-back, with a 44-floor tower behind it;

  • Amended plan includes a 296 sq. m. green space in front of the church but no reduction in tower height;

  • RRA has been invited to an LPAT mediation with the developer and the City to discuss the plan and our concerns, which include: height and density of tower; inadequate green space; mediation process is confidential and should be concluded in the next month;

  • We support the design of the church (by the noted firm that designed Koerner Hall) which will be a positive addition to the neighbourhood.

  • 37 storeys; 349 rental units;

  • Building structure completion scheduled for mid-March 2021;

  • Facade work (windows and precast) scheduled for completion in summer 2021;

  • Streetscaping scheduled for Q3 2021;

  • Tower crane removal - mid-May 2021;

  • Occupancy scheduled for Q4 2021;

  • RRA worked with developer and the City on construction management; there was a delay in submitting the plan to the City; so we were invited late to the game; we stressed importance of cleaning and keeping sidewalks accessible.

  • 38-storey rental tower replacing western half of the existing 10-storey apartment building; 336 rental units;

  • Development approved; RRA reviewed Construction Management Plan; in process of being reviewed by City;

  • Issues raised here addressed in Construction Management presentation;

  • Way behind in demo schedule – was supposed to start January; hope to get an update soon.

  • 36 and 33 storey residential condo towers with an 8-storey podium and 2 levels of shared underground parking;

  • Demolition and excavation has started;

  • Through our consultation (& nagging) with the developer and the office of Councillor Matlow, we were able to get the developer to commit to staging on their own property and not take up any part of the street (small but significant victory).

  • 3 towers; residential, retail and office space; 36 storey tower – rental; 2 condo buildings; 21 & 33 storeys with 4-8 storey base;

  • Rental 412 suites; 751 units among 2 condo towers;

  • Went to LPAT and was approved; RRA not involved at this level;

  • We were asked to comment on the Construction Plan and again voiced our concern about importance of staging on their property;

  • Green space has been allocated on the site as city parkette; there is a problem with staging on property that will be city park; parks department is concerned about compacting soil; we urged them to figure a way to use the space then fix the soil; this possibility is being considered.

  • Set up as temporary emergency housing in April 2020 due to the pandemic

  • RRA worked with the City's SSHA (Support, Shelter and Housing Administration) to ensure there were adequate supports for residents;

  • RRA organized a drive for donations to residents;

  • The temporary shelter closed in September 2021;

  • The development will include two 39-floor towers (1 rental, 1 condo); reduced from the original 40+ story plan that RRA opposed at an OMB hearing;

  • The site is presently awaiting the final permits and demolition will begin shortly.

  • 37 storeys; mixed use; retail and office space; 380 residential units - condos;

  • RRA participated in community consultations;

  • RRA objected to height; setback inadequate; lack of green space; ingress and egress on Roehampton is problematic;

  • Made slight changes but not adequate; has been submitted to the City's planning department.

  • This Oxford Group project would encompass a full city block; Yonge to Duplex, Eglinton to Berwick; includes 5 towers (2700 units) and a community space within the block;

  • The developer has conducted many community consultations but has yet to address the major concerns expressed by the community including:

    • near absence of community services and facilities such as schools, daycares, community/recreation centre, social services, or cultural amenities;

    • insufficient on-site parkland dedication;

    • grossly insufficient emphasis on employment space relative to residential;

    • lack of environmental considerations with the complete destruction of all the structures on the site;

    • absence of a defining vision for a 21st century community, environmental, economic, and social hub of city-wide and national significance.

  • Several local community organizations (including the RRA) are working together to address these issues; these include: the Eglinton Park Residents’ Association (EPRA), the South Eglinton Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association (SERRA), the Stanley Knowles Housing Co-operative, the Oriole Park Association (OPA), the Berwick Condominium Corporation, the Quantum Owners and Residents Association (QuORA).


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