A major focus for the RRA over the past few years has been the city's plan for our neighbourhood. We participated in many city consultations and presentations to City Council committees to help come up with a plan that took into account the liveability of our community without disrupting development. Here are the major points we raised:

  • The Yonge-Eglinton neighbourhood has already exceeded all growth targets for the area; it is the most densely populated Urban Growth Centre in the Greater Golden Horseshoe and is poised to double in residential population within the next few years as a result of approved and proposed development.

  • The Midtown in Focus Plan, developed over six years of thorough city planning with input from thousands of residents in dozens of consultations and countless surveys gives some structure to proposed development in the area:​

    • ​It guarantees a good mix of residence, commerce and working spaces.

    • It provides for green public spaces and needed services  such as water, sewage, and transportation.

    • It provides design standards for tall buildings.

    • It manages the size and density of proposed tower without affecting those being built or already approved.​

  • Although extreme densification continues, the Plan sets some rules and standards to assure more orderly growth and live-ability.

After all this effort, Toronto City Council passed the Plan unanimously in July 2018. The only hurdle left was approval by the Provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing, which had to be done by June 6, 2019. Unfortunately, Minister Steve Clark did not approve the plan and instead introduced dozens of pieces of legislation which would set back urban planning for the Yonge-Eglinton community to the period before Midtown in Focus began. It would essentially create a free-for-all situation for developers who could build as many towers as high as possible with few restrictions. There would be a lack of sunlight, community spaces and green space. We are currently working with the City and our councillors to see what options are available to us. We are also meeting with individual developers and asking them to respect the Midtown in Focus Plan and adhere to its principles as passed by Toronto City Council. We post regular updates about this process on our Facebook pages: Save Midtown in Focus or The Republic Residents’ Association.