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Midtown in Focus

A major focus for the RRA over the past few years has been the city's plan for our neighbourhood. We participated in many city consultations and presentations to City Council committees to help come up with a plan that took into account the liveability of our community without disrupting development. Here are the major points we raised:

  • The Midtown in Focus Plan, developed over six years of thorough city planning with input from thousands of residents in dozens of consultations and countless surveys gives some structure to proposed development in the area:​

    • ​It guarantees a good mix of residence, commerce and working spaces.

    • It provides for green public spaces and needed services  such as water, sewage, and transportation.

    • It provides design standards for tall buildings.

    • It manages the size and density of proposed tower without affecting those being built or already approved.​

  • Although extreme densification continues, the Plan sets some rules and standards to assure more orderly growth and livability.


After all this effort, Toronto City Council passed the Plan unanimously in July 2018. The only hurdle left was approval by the Provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing, which had to be done by June 6, 2019. Unfortunately, Minister Steve Clark did not approve the plan and instead introduced dozens of pieces of legislation which set back urban planning for the Yonge-Eglinton community to the period before Midtown in Focus began.


This decision has essentially created a free-for-all situation for developers who can now build as many towers as high as possible with few restrictions. If the City does not approve of a particular proposal, the developers typically ask for a hearing at the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal where they usually receive approval since their legal resources are much greater than the City’s or those of any local residents’ association.


The RRA still believes that the Midtown in Focus Plan is worth adhering to and meets with individual developers to request that they follow its principles as closely as possible. Some are more accommodating than others and the RRA is often asked for its input by the City and developers.

Midtown in Focus

Development Updates

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 1.57.18 PM.png

The catchment area of the RRA is one of the most overdeveloped (current and planned) neighbourhoods in the City of Toronto. We have tried to have a say in as many of the ongoing and planned developments as possible. Here are the most recent projects we have been involved with.

Development Updates
Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 4.49.44 PM.png

St. Monica’s

The RRA was a participant in a three-day mediation process that led to a settlement regarding the proposed development at 40-44 Broadway. It is rare for a residents’ association to be invited to participate in such a meaningful manner. Associations can be ‘parties’ or ‘participants’ in a Local Appeal Planning Tribunal (LPAT) hearing but that usually involves paying for legal advice and/or other expert guidance.

High Rise.png

91 Broadway

  • 37 storeys; 349 rental units;

  • Building structure completion scheduled for mid-March 2021;

  • Facade work (windows and precast) scheduled for completion in summer 2021;

  • Streetscaping scheduled for Q3 2021;

  • Tower crane removal - mid-May 2021;

  • Occupancy scheduled for Q4 2021;



75 Broadway

  • 38-storey rental tower replacing the western half of the existing 10-storey apartment building; 336 rental units;

  • The development has been approved. The RRA reviewed the Construction Management Plan which is being reviewed by City;

  • Issues raised here were addressed in the Construction Management presentation that the RRA did in March 2021.

Yonge and Egglington Condo.jpg

117-127 Broadway

  • 36 and 33 storey residential condo towers with an 8-storey podium and 2 levels of shared underground parking;

  • Excavation in progress;


Through our the RRA’s consultation with the developer and the office of Councillor Matlow, we were able to get the developer to commit to staging on their own property and not take up any part of the street (small but significant victory).

100 Broadway Building.jpeg

100, 110 – 120 Broadway

  • 3 towers; residential, retail and office space; 36 storey tower – rental; 2 condo buildings; 21 & 33 storeys with 4-8 storey base;

  • Rental 412 suites; 751 units among 2 condo towers;

  • Went to LPAT and was approved; the RRA was not involved at this level;

55 Broadway Building.jpeg

55-65 Broadway

  • Set up as temporary emergency housing in April 2020 due to the pandemic

  • RRA worked with the City's SSHA (Support, Shelter and Housing Administration) to ensure there were adequate supports for residents;

  • RRA organized a drive for donations to residents;

  • The temporary shelter closed in September 2020;

2323 Yonge St Building.jpg

2323 Yonge St.

  • 37 storeys; mixed use; retail and office space; 380 residential units - condos;

  • RRA participated in community consultations;

  • RRA objected to height; setback inadequate; lack of green space; ingress and egress on Roehampton is problematic;

  • Made slight changes but not adequate; has been submitted to the City's planning department.

Canada Square.webp

Canada Square

  • ​​Here's the latest on this project: Imagining a New Town Centre for Midtown Toronto

  • This Oxford Group project would encompass a full city block; Yonge to Duplex, Eglinton to Berwick; includes 5 towers (2700 units) and a community space within the block;

  • The developer has conducted many community consultations but has yet to address the major concerns expressed by the community including:

89 Roehampton.jpeg

89 Roehampton

  • 38-storey rental tower attached to existing building

  • RRA worked with developer to design a more streamlined building

  • Construction in full swing; we have had to call in the HUB Coordinator to enforce Construction Management protocols.

39-41 Roehampton.jpeg

39-41 Roehampton

  • 48-storey condo tower now in full construction mode;

  • RRA was involved in parts of Construction Management efforts and was consulted on the plans for a POPS (Privately-Owned Publicly Accessible Space);

  • Construction management is an ongoing concern for the RRA with the amount of disruption to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

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