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Construction status in our neighbourhood

This report was presented at the RRA's Annual General Meeting on April 18. It provided an overview of the construction happening in the immediate neighbourhood and what the RRA is doing to manage its impact on our community.

Below are the six major developments we have been working on. Clockwise from top left: 117-127 Broadway, 75 Broadway, 110-120 Broadway, 89-101 Roehampton, 100 Broadway, 55-65 Broadway.

Here is a summary of what was presented.

The key areas of focus for the RRA in managing construction:

  • Traffic management - appropriate supervision

  • Street safety and closures - ensure advance notice

  • Enforcement of work hours as per by-laws - 7AM-7PM Mon-Fri; 9AM-5PM Sat; No work on Sun.; may require extended hours if pouring concrete

  • Noise and vibration according to levels in by-laws

  • Air quality - using a study being carried out by U of T

  • Cleanliness and condition of sidewalks

  • Respectful behaviour towards the community

Here's how the RRA goes about addressing the above.

We hold monthly community liaison meetings with developers and their contractors to:

  • discuss and correct open issues and complaints

  • advance street closure warnings

  • discuss status and construction plans

We have direct contact with the HUB Coordinator to:

  • enforce by-laws

  • apply pressure on developers to comply with by-laws

  • address traffic and safety concerns

We have direct contact with site managers to:

  • react to issues in real time

We make every effort to create and sustain good working relationships with all stakeholders to ensure that everything possible is being done to keep our neighbourhood as livable as possible given the intensity of the construction.

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