Construction Management

Since development in our neighbourhood continues unabated and would have happened even if Midtown in Focus had been approved by the province, we are working with the city and individual developers to manage the construction. We are focusing on ensuring that:

Construction, including related vehicles, is contained on the building site rather than encroaching on our streets and sidewalks.

Parking laws are enforced to prevent congestion.

Signage is put up and enforced.

There is safe, efficient passage on sidewalks and roads for residents in the neighbourhood, especially for those who use mobility vehicles or support animals.

Construction management in our neighbourhood:

how it's going 


At the March 3, 2021 AGM of the RRA, we made a presentation on one of the most important issues affecting our neighbourhood, that of Construction Management. With so many towers being built or proposed within a two-block radius, the community has been overwhelmed. Here is a summary of that presentation along with a proposal from the RRA about how construction can be managed:


Construction management in our neighbourhood