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AGM - responses to questions raised

For those who attended our Annual General Meeting, you'll know that we had a great turnout with presentations on many issues affecting our neighbourhood. Many thoughtful questions were asked and we responded to as many as we could. We promised to post the responses to any unanswered questions here for your review.

1. Are there any city by-laws relating to noise control with the upcoming condo construction?

Yes, there are noise bylaws for the city of Toronto. We are also under the province’s extended construction hours of 6am to 10pm. The problem is lack of enforcement and lack of monitoring. The builders have their noise monitoring but it is not public information. The RRA is planning to meet with the City make this information accessible, to enforce existing rules and to promote regulations that will protect the community’s health. We recommend as an excellent resource on noise.

2. I am concerned that if the cross on the church is lighted, I will have that lighted cross in my perpetual view.

We will ask this question when we meet with the developer later this month.

3. From the St. Monica's meeting they indicated there are 66 parking spots for the church and condo building. I look at other prospective buildings and none have such few spots for just the condo alone.

Apparently, the developer is following City Planning requirements but we can ask them for further clarification.

4. Is it possible to compile a list of Construction Management protocol like: noise mitigation, truck parking on streets, keeping sidewalks clear of debris, communication with residents, etc.

We are working with the City to compile such a list. Here is what is currently available on the City’s website:

5. Is the plan to go to the media if they [the City] don’t do a master construction plan – we saw they only reacted to the shelter when the media got involved.

This is an option if the response from the City is not adequate. We hope to make progress and plan to exhaust all effective options.

6. Why is the hub co-ordinator only reactive and not proactive. Does he need more help or does this issue need to get raised to the councillors or elevated further?

To the best of our knowledge, the scope of the work for the Hub Coordinator as it is currently defined appears to be overwhelming without sufficient resources allocated to the task. This is why we are escalating the issue three levels higher with the support of our local Councillors.

7. Any information about the homeless encampment near the Best Buy?

According to a report in the Post City (March 1) community newspaper, the camp appears abandoned as relayed by a representative from Councillor Mike Colle’s office. Through 311, the matter was handed to Street to Homes for a follow-up and currently rests with the City’s Street Outreach Program. Here is the report from Post City.

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