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Donating to residents at 55-65 Broadway: how & what

The residents at 55-65 Broadway appreciate the community's help with household items and clothing at their new temporary home. If you would like to donate, please call the Shift Leader at 437-343-8057 to arrange a drop-off at the front door of 65 Broadway Ave. At this time, only the following items are being accepted:

· Small appliances, e.g. kettles, toasters, coffee makers, irons

· Kitchen/ cooking utensils e.g. can and bottle openers, wooden spoons, spatulas

· Pots/lids, pans and cookie sheets

· Cutlery and dishes

· Lamps with working light bulbs if possible

· Brooms, dustpans

· Personal hygiene items/Toiletries: soaps, shampoo; hairbrushes, combs, nail clippers, sanitary pads and tampons; disposable razors; toothbrushes, toothpaste

· Large plastic containers for pet food storage

· Used clothing: especially sweat pants, sweat shirts, t-shirts, pants, spring jackets, shoes – Please ensure clothing is in good shape, clean, folded, placed in plastic bags, indicating size and possible gender

· New undergarments: underpants, socks, bras

· Wall art or other wall embellishments

· Dollarama Gift Cards in small denominations ($10/$20)

Thank you!

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