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Dominion Foundry in danger of demolition

From Toronto Architectural Conservancy, photo credit, courtesy of Bob Krawczyk

The Dominion Foundry complex in the West Don Lands, a listed heritage site, is in imminent danger of demolition. Friends of the Foundry needs your help to pressure the Province to stop the demolition and start talking about adaptive reuse of at least part of the site.

Yesterday, a demolition crew arrived at the site to raze the Foundry buildings. Because these are provincial lands, no demolition permit was required and no notice was given to the City, the community or to heritage advocates. To add insult to injury, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing chose the first day of the emergency provincial lockdown to quietly move in demolition equipment. Here is a BlogTO story The Friends of the Foundry is asking for your help. What can you do? Take action and share this message through your networks 1. Check out the Friends of the Foundry Facebook page Like it and watch for updates 2. Sign the Friends of the Foundry petition to stop the demolition 3. Send a short email with the heading “Save the Dominion Foundry” to:

4. Follow the Friends of the Foundry on Twitter and Instagram

Here is the Friends of the Foundry press release.

Friends of the Foundry FINAL
Download PDF • 96KB

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