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Broadway-Erskine Block Study Consultation Review

If you were able to join us in this Community Consultation Meeting, we hope it provided useful information and a way to have a say in what is happening in our neighbourhood. If not, we are providing below a couple of documents that were used in the presentation for your reference and urging you to participate in the Block Study Survey (see below). As the presenters stated, the purpose of the Block Study is to:

  • Proactively plan the block;

  • Inform the review of current development applications;

  • Interpret the height guidance, and other policy directions, in the provincially- approved Yonge-Eglinton Secondary Plan;

  • Assess the cumulative impact of potential redevelopment in the area;

  • Address building heights, location and massing; public realm improvements; and local access and circulation;

  • Ensure better coordination and collaboration to result in better outcomes and investment in the community.

This study is organized by City Planning Staff and as stated above uses the "provincially-approved Yonge-Eglinton Secondary Plan" and not the Midtown in Focus plan that we all worked so hard to get passed unanimously by the Toronto City Council.

Although the Block Study will not give us the lower heights and reduced density that we advocated for in the Midtown in Focus plan, it does look at options for making our community more liveable, including possible cooperation among developers in order to:

  • Manage heights, density and spacing of developments;

  • Provide more green space;

  • Provide more physical connections between Broadway and Erskine;

  • Reduce the impact of shadows;

We encourage you to provide direct feedback to the city by completing an online survey here:

Although we have no guarantee that any of the options presented will be implemented, community input does make a difference and our ongoing engagement will have some impact.

Here are the documents that were used in the meeting. The staff presentation document essentially begins at page 5.

Here is the presentation made by Perkins & Will describing possible options for the block.

Broadway-Erskine Public Mtg - Block Plan
Download • 20.24MB

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